A Home of Your Own?

Start Building a Future

Get $15k from the Government to own instead of rent and Up to another $15k of exclusive wholesale rebates.  Release of another $15k Build grant pending.        

Get paid to own instead of rent and take control of your future with a total of $75k worth of grants and other savings.


Goverment Grants

Potential for renewal $15,000 Build Grant Before on July 31st

+ $15,000 First Home Buyers Grant

+ Bank Innitiatives

The Lowest interest rates we have ever seen meaning you could own your home for as little as $420 per week.

+ Goverment Incentives

FHLD scheme giving upto $15,000 in bank fees extra money you could save

+ Other Savings

A Wholesale Rebate of upto $15,000 off your new home which can be used towards your deposit.

Stop Sitting in the Rent Game Trap
We represent a group of Specialists to help first home buyers get the biggest bang for their money on this journey

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We will do an inclusive fact find overveiw to highlight the areas of opportunities and enhancement for you
We will report back with our findings and create a plan to help you achieve your short and long term goals.
Preperation and implementation if you choose to accept our services at this point for your success
Ready? Let's Get Started!
A successful future starts with planning

We will build you a custom plan for success now for a brighter future.

Fact Find Overveiw

Tax Savings before and after you purchase your first home

Wealth protection and creation

Maximise Goverment Grants

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